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Infinity War---What I didn't know!!! ( spoilers.)

Eric Peterson

infinity war.jpg

by Stacey Fearheiley

Was I the LAST person to know that the movie Avengers: Infinity War was a cliff hanger?  I didn't realize it until the LITERAL very end.

Yes, I felt stupid as my family members kept telling me that I should have been aware of it.  BUT I WASN'T....and I felt ill prepared.

I also forgot who was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  And every time someone showed up, I'd have an "a-ha" moment.  I got tired of that.

Also, didn't remember how many infinity stones there were.  Apparently 6.  I always lost track of what stone was where with each Avengers movie I saw.

Hawkeye is married?  Vaguely remembered that....but still, kind of a surprise.

I don't care for Black Widow with blonde hair.

Did Stark and Pepper get engaged somewhere?  All they talked about was an upcoming wedding.  I didn't get a close up of her ring.

What grade, exactly, is Peter Parker in?  He looked a little old to be on a field trip...on a bus.

In the end, as I sat there absently tossing bits of popcorn in my mouth as the credits rolled, I asked my daughter how many more movies would be a part of the MCU.  She then asked,  "in which phase?"

Yeah....I didn't even know there were phases.  I guess you could say this movie taught me a lot.

BTW....the number of movies in ALL phases of the MCU = 81,263.

(Bet YOU didn't know that!)